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    defeat Nick Oetzel in a video game


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    defeat Nick Oetzel in a video game Empty defeat Nick Oetzel in a video game

    Post  Wesside on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:13 pm

    Here are your options
    1 shut off the game system
    2 De-sync all controllers
    3 turn the brightness on the television to max
    4 choose a sports game
    5 distract him with free mountain dew
    6 change control layout while he's not looking.
    7 make Naruto ultimate ninja storm disappear
    8 Get chesemore angry enough that he interrupts the game
    9 Copy move for move of what he does by doing nothing but stare at his controller for hours.
    10 get to his spot of exploitation first and gain the upper hand
    11 get invisible mods for multilayer

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