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    How to enable a wallpaper background for these sites


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    How to enable a wallpaper background for these sites

    Post  Wesside on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:31 am

    1. Have administration access and enter the panel.
    2. Click the display tab
    3. Within that select choose a theme under skins options.
    4. go over to the options on the right and click the skins tab
    5. Select a random skin and save it.
    6. Next go back to the left panel and click the general tab as the structure will be reset.
    7. Select configuration under forum options
    8. go to the right and scroll down to pages structure
    9. change the forum width to 924 to stretch it out so you can see the background.
    10. make sure the cell's height and width options are both 45.
    11. Now you need to return to the display tab.
    12. in the left panel select pics management
    13. head to the right and click advanced mode
    14. for the background picture select a background image and copy it's url then paste it in the website area of the background picture.
    15. Click save and preview the forum. You should now have your background enabled.

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